Singtel Prepaid Supplier presents The Wanted reside Singapore

One of Britain’s biggest pop bands – that brought you ‘Glad You Come’, ‘All Time Low’, and ‘Chasing the Sun’ – will debut its first concert on 16 September in Max Pavilion in Singapore. Yes, you read it right the boys of ‘The Wanted’ – backed with their band – will be set to appeal the fans. The concert is going to be the first after promotional tours in Singapore and status for their debut album of the band. The band have released three albums and held the top position as the most downloaded song for four weeks on SingTel Amped (Singapore Telecommunication Limited) and they are still dominating the charts.

The Wanted has acquired over 50 million viewpoints on YouTube, Toured with the singer Justin Bieber, and played at arenas. The singtel prepaid supplier Singapore band has produced a breakthrough in the united states, and is thought of as responsible for reviving the craze. Among the patrons for ‘The Wanted’ concert in Singapore, Promotions, are currently running in town to supply an opportunity to win concert tickets and an opportunity to meet up with’ The Wanted’ stars to you.

System from Nubox in Sim Lim Square, will find a set of category three tickets worth 196 to the concert. The deal is valid only for 24. The eight buyers to spot Nubox@nex, Nubox@Raffles City, and the DJ in Nubox@Sim Lim Square will get the concert tickets. They need to demonstrate their bills of an Apple purchase. The three customers will receive a pass. And, will find the lifetime opportunity to meet up with their favorite stars. Along with this, spending $200 in the Comex 2012 of Nutbox You will be registered by booth from 30 August to 2 September. You can stop from rocking the dance floor Smashing hits like Glad You Came, Gold Forever, Lose My Head, All Time Low, and much more.